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Julia Kracht is the Marketing Manager and Blog Editor at Shipley Asia Pacific. She enjoys creating content for the business winning community that is relatable, entertaining, and insightful (especially niche memes). In her spare time, Julia likes to frequent the Queen Vic Market with her friends and go for bike rides along the beach.

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7 Techniques to (witch)craft your next proposal

When it comes to (witch)crafting a winning proposal, the Shipley method identifies seven critical elements that you don’t want to forget. One could argue that these seven characteristics can be applied to something more frightening than a bid… a scary story. In the spirit of Halloween and the spooky season, let's explore these seven characteristics in the context of both proposal writing and some classic horror movies. 

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5 things Ghostface from Scream can teach us about pre-tender capture

SPOILER ALERT! Details from Wes Craven’s 1996 horror film Scream will be rampant through this blog. So if you’re a movie buff not looking to have this nearly 30-year-old film spoiled for you, read no further. I will be divulging key capture techniques that we can learn from the bad guy in Scream. Keep reading if you dare…

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