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From strategy to evaluation: How defence companies win big with their Capture Plan

Defence organisations are commonly known as the best capture people. 

Defence companies tend to have the most mature bidding processes. Their whole marketing and sales organisations are focused on capturing their target! They can spend years capturing business with Governments worldwide long before a tender is released. 

So, what can professionals in other industries learn from the approach of the business-winning processes by the more mature defence bidders?

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Creepy shadow

7 Techniques to (witch)craft your next proposal

When it comes to (witch)crafting a winning proposal, the Shipley method identifies seven critical elements that you don’t want to forget. One could argue that these seven characteristics can be applied to something more frightening than a bid… a scary story. In the spirit of Halloween and the spooky season, let's explore these seven characteristics in the context of both proposal writing and some classic horror movies. 

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