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Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan is a Director and Senior Consultant at Shipley Asia Pacific with over 13 years of Business Development and proposals experience. He works with clients across a range of sectors to support major work-winning efforts and has trained hundreds of professionals in proposal writing, proposal management, strategy, and capture planning. Having commenced his professional career as a consultant project manager, Jack reviewed hundreds of proposals and was involved in many evaluation processes. This has provided him with a rare combination of perspectives that allows him to guide his clients through complex decision-making environments. Jack has three kids under 6 years of age and a German Pointer. He likes to sleep in his spare time.

Don't screw up your price; drill into buyer behaviour

It doesn't matter if you're buying consumer goods or professional services. Whether your purchase is simple or complex. Not every buyer assesses cost and price the same way. To understand what this looks like, let's take a trip to Bunnings. 

Three people order the same flatpack entertainment unit from an online retailer. The units arrive, and all three realise the scale of the task ahead of them. The poorly pre-drilled holes and countless screws will need more than a Phillips head screwdriver and some elbow grease. For this task, a drill will be essential.

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Change the way you think of White Hat reviews (they're not just for bids)

For those of you unfamiliar with the extensive list of colour team reviews, the White Hat is particularly special. It is a formal time for reflection on the result of your bid. Some bad proposals win and, occasionally, great ones lose. This review offers the space to get to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind your bid outcome, regardless of the result. The goal for the session being to improve your organization’s business development operations.

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The truth about evaluation processes

I was involved in many evaluation processes when I was a Consultant Project Manager. Over the last 10 years I’ve been able to contextualise why I made the decisions I made and behaved the way I did. In this blog, I will share (candidly) some of the things I did (and witnessed) as an evaluator and provide some context.

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